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Good bye Kennedy!!

I just realized yesterday that I didn't do my Friday Farm Report. So here is the Not Friday Farm Report

We said good bye to Kennedy this week. He has gone to a wonderful farm and will be Mr. Studly. He will make some beautiful babies. We will miss him.

The other boys will be castrated this week. 9 babies left  that are looking for forever homes. 


G got the electric all hooked up on the fence. G and our son put up the gate to the tractor barn under close supervision and help form the herd. So the backyard is finally done!! Another project marked off the list. The girls have finally ventured the whole yard. They discovered the poison ivy growing up some of the trees and has stripped it. Leaves and all the vines gone. Gotta love those goats.

It has been so hot last week, we didn't get much done outside. If it didn't get done by 9:00 it didn't get done. We didn't do the 4th because of the heat. We have a couple of cool beautiful days. Took advantage of that and got the barn cleaned out.

How was your week?


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