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Still Canning

We are back! Last month we haven't done anything new on the farm, couldn't see very well and we were sick.

I had cataract surgery Sept 2 and Sept 16. I was so terrified to have it done. I am such a baby when it comes to my eyes. It really was a piece of cake. My sight and even colors are so good now. I really should have done it years ago.  I go back to get my eyes checked in a couple of weeks. Doc said I may only need reading glasses. Amazing if I go from trifocals to reading glasses. 

G and I both had really bad summer colds. We could smell, taste and no temps so it wasn't covid. But it sure kicked our butts. We are much better now.

I have been canning all month. The garden for the most part has done fantastic. So good, in fact I have given bags and bags of produce away. We will be starting to clean it out.

Taco soup, Tomato basil soup, black beans, and pinto beans 

Green beans 

Enchilada sauce  

 Dilly beans, pickled jalapenos and more cowboy candy

 Chicken and chicken soup

Apple pie filling and applesauce

I watched my great grandson a couple of times. We decorated a Halloween cookie house

 He was so proud of it

He modge podged a pumpkin face

He was so happy with his pumpkin

The farmer's market is over. Thank you so much to all our customers. We still have the soap on our website if you want to order. We will ship or we have local pick up.

How was your week?


  • Happy to hear you are both on the mend and and particularly great to hear how well your cataract surgery went. Amazing to see how much you accomplished even while ill – your canned goods look fabulous!!

    Sharon McClellan
  • I am so glad you are both feeling better and that your cataract surgery went well. I did miss your Friday report and happy you are back. You and George are a wonderful team around your farm. In addition, I always look forward to this newsletter. Have a great week.

    Juleann Joseph

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