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Hussies on the farm

You can tell fall is coming. We have all the sights, sounds and smells of the coming breeding season. 
Nigerian dwarf does come into heat every 3 weeks. They tail wag and cry constantly. It's not just a baa sound but loud and obnoxious like they are being killed.
The bucks flap their tongue, blubber and pee on their face to attract the ladies. And the ladies are attracted. They have tried everything to get to the big boys.
This is where you will find the girls most days. I forgot to put the chain on the wethers gate one day this week and the girls pushed it open. It took us about an hour to get the boys back in their yard and the girls in their yard.
Yesterday G saw some of the goats in the chicken yard. 7 of them busted the fence and got in there. Heidi's head was stuck in the fence when we saw them. We were very lucky we saw them when we did. G cut the fence to get her head out. I tried to get the goats out of the chicken yard. G got another piece of fence to fix the broken part. Trying to wade through the goats trying to get back in through the hole. G tripped on the broken fence. He did a face plant in the mud. He hit hard. He was holding a handful of U nails that went into his hand. Poor guy was hurting pretty bad. After an hour of me rounding up goats and G mending fence all was calm in the barnyard. Makes one wonder why we do this. We wonder too.
How was your week?

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