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Still at it


It is surprising how much you accumulate living at the same house for 32 years. We aren't hoarders. Our kids might beg to differ.  We have just kept things we might have needed some day. We finally got smart and got a dumpster. Our trash men thanks us.

I cleaned the babies stall. Little brats destroys 6 bales of straw we had stacked in there. I know I look horrible but this is me most days. Tee shirt, sweats, boots and hair tied up

It took 13 buckets to empty their stall. We have another good size compost pile going.

All done ready to fill up with stuff. LOL

G worked on the other side of the barn

Slowly but surely it is getting there. Some day we can rest

Love is in the air

The boys are blubbering. The girls are screaming at the gate. Not ready for breeding yet. We get to listen to this for 3 months. Ugh.

How was your week?


  • Dorothy, It will either keep us young or kill us lol

    Barb Smith
  • Julie, The tractor was the best investment we made. We used to use a wheelbarrow. You won’t regret getting one

    Barb Smith
  • Barb & George, Alan and I know exactlly what you are going through. It to us an entire year of cleaning out. I eish we had a tractor. Hint hint…

  • I love and admire you guys for all the energy you have I guess that’s what keeps you young.


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