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 Last year we did some changes on the girls barn. The first two pictures are from last year

Before. We were taking out the sections where the arrows are 

 After. It opened the left side so much. We were able to get the tractor in the clean most of it up. 

This year we decided to remove the sections on the right side. The back was the milking stall and the front part was Xena's stall  Soon as we removed Xena's gate, the goats had to investigate. We can never do anything without help from the critters.

After. We added some more feed dishes even though feeding time is like being in a pinball game.

The whole back side is open now. Plenty of room now to spread out. We will be able to get the tractor maneuvered better. A bobcat would be great but we have to make do with what we have.

This area was our kidding stall 2 years ago and Sonny's storage this year. We moved Xena and the milk stand up here. 

This area was our kidding stall this year, Our hay was stacked in the center. We took off the gate and front side. Stacked our hay in there. We have room for so much more hay now. We still have some clean up to do but all of the hard heavy work is done./

Goats enjoying the fan and Xena keeping guard of her herd. Amazing dog can guard on her back with all 4 legs in the air

Will we ever be satisfied with our setup? I doubt it. We change something every year.

 The boys barn is next as soon as it cools off some. It is a disaster. We can't use the tractor in there. Anyone want the experience of farm life?

How was your week?

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