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Saying Goodbyes

We said goodbye to Hershey last Sunday.  She went to her new farm that has a little girl in 4H. 

And Topgun AKA Satan is going to the same farm this weekend. He will be their herd sire and have several ladies to love on. Even though I call him Satan, I will miss him and Hershey. Selling goats this year has been one of the hardest parts of having them. But we are getting older and it's getting harder to take care of so many.

Nothing happened on the farm this week. It rained most of the week and it is too wet right now to clean the garden or muck the barn. Everything is winding down on the farm for the winter. 

If there is anything you would like me to talk about, give me some ideas for my Friday Farm Report.

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Have a great week!!!


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