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The garden is done for the year. The weeds got ahead of me, so it is like a jungle. As soon as it cools a bit, cleanup will begin.

You can't even see the pathway in between the raised beds.

I should be embarrassed to share these pictures. It is such a mess. But I did get a few more veggies

Butternut squash. Basket was full 

First time growing sweet potatoes, Look how weird some are. lol we know now to let them grow in deeper soil.

Feeding time is always interesting. We have right now 14 goats in the doe barn. We also have 3 single bowl feeders, 4 double bowl feeders and 2 long trough feeders. ok that should be enough for at least 17 to eat with plenty of room. Nope they run from bowl to bowl, butt each other away or crowd together. 


The boys do the same thing


 I have been making soap like crazy the last two weeks

There is about 18 batches curing

A new soap I made is Lavender and charcoal. It is made with lavender essential oil and activated charcoal It is a good soap for oily skin.

That's about it. How was your week?



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  • Just left the goats clean up the garden. And your soap looks beautiful. I have to admit Barb I admire you so much. You have a lot more energy than I do but then this stupid back thing is really got me down. Haven’t even been camping this year but hoping to get out at least once. Hoping to get the granddaughter up there to see your goats. Love you and George


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