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A Bit of This A Bit of That

 We got all the girls hoofs trimmed. Still have the babies and boys to do. Heidi was a brat and kicked me a couple good times in the back. I tried to give their copper in my trick from last time in a peanut shell. Only 3 girls ate it

I'm going to start drying up the girls. Hopefully I have frozen and freezed dried enough to last until the next kidding.

Once again, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Except there is no grass there. G had to free Hailey from the fence. I swear they lay awake at night and think of ways to die. Xena is always near to lend a hand.

We started cleaning out this weed patch AKA the garden. It is such a mess. 

 Of course we can't do anything without some help. Lucky moved the lever on the tractor bucket and almost emptied the load we had in it.

Here is this years harvest, One small ear of gem glass corn. 

G took this video of Kylie. She is in heat for the first time. They sound like they are dying. 

Sonny (son) and Cece (granddaughter) worked on an old fashion tree swing. He taught her to use the sander and drill. 

Sonny hung the swing in the black walnut tree. Cece also learned to make some shower steamers.

How was your week?


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  • My week was as nice as could be.
    Always love when i have time to read your farm report …. seems all goats go to the same school.


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