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We started cleaning the boys barn this week. We should be horse whipped for letting it get this bad. It is hard, back breaking work. We can't get the tractor or even the wagon in the barn. So we park the wagon at the doorway outside and have to carry shovelfuls of muck to the doorway. One good thing is is almost composted, We were using a maddox to break it up then shovel. G then tried the tiller and it worked great.

It is about 12-18" deep. We only did 2 or 3 wagon loads each day.We divided the area up into three 9x10' sections. We got one section done and about a third of the second section. We will eventually get it done. 

I would squat down for a breather and Jackson would come over to give kisses. He was so lovable almost to the point of being annoying. He tried to crawl in my lap like he did when he was a baby. He gave kisses, laid his head on my shoulder, chewed my hair and shirt


 This is Hunter. He is friendly with people but he bullies the wethers. We keep threatening him that we are going to put him in with the bucks. He was in the barn while we were cleaning. G started up the tiller and Hunter busted through the fence that divides the bucks and wethers. The bucks liked him. I mean they really really liked him. LOL They chased him all over the yard blubbering and wanted to love on him. He found out real quick he isn't as tough as he thought. We finally felt sorry for him and let him back in the wether's side. Maybe he will be nicer

This week we celebrated our 48th anniversary. On one hand it seems just like yesterday, on the other hand it seems like it has always been. There has never been anyone else I would have wanted to be by my side and grow old together. It has been a wonderful life

How was your week?


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  • Great to read your updates. Love it. ❤️


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