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Last couple of weeks have been about routine farm chores, working on the bedrooms and ice cream


I've made a big batch of cajeta (goat milk caramel sauce) The recipe for the ice cream base is 

4 cups goat milk

1 cup sugar

pinch salt

1 teaspoon vanilla

4 egg yolks

stir milk, sugar, salt and vanilla until hot. Whisk egg yolks in a separate bowl. After milk is hot,slowly add 1/2 cup of hot milk to egg yolks whisking the whole time. Add egg yolks to hot milk and cook until it thickens. Cover and cool in the refrigerator. 

After I make the base and it has cooled, I use my Kitchen Aide ice cream attachment to make the ice cream. . 

My sister found these sea salt caramel chips a while back at Kroger. They are about the size of a Pez. I've made 4 batches of the ice cream with these chips. I made one batch with malt added to the base and Whoppers added to the ice cream

This last batch has peanut butter M&M's added. It is fun to come up with different things to put in it. 

 We took up the carpet and laid engineered hardwood floors in G's Man Cave. Got all of his furniture moved back in.

In the spare bedroom, we took up the carpet, painted the room and baseboards, laid wood flooring and got all the furniture moved back in. Still have to put some stuff on the walls. It seems like it took forever for us to get these 2 rooms done but I am happy we are still able to do it. Now that the rooms are done maybe we can catch up on things that we are way behind on


The Farm Market was suppose to open August 1st but they canceled it. The market was the biggest part of our sales for the year. Expenses have gone up and sales down. We have to think long and hard which direction we want to go. Do we cut our losses and close down, or keep it open until my supplies are gone or suck it up and hope next year is better. I don't know.

Madison got castrated. Monroe will next week. I feel so bad for them but they act like nothing has happened. It doesn't stop them from jumping, running and playing. Mad ison is such a Momma's boy. The babies get locked in a separate pen at night so I can milk in the morning. The 4 younger ones would run into the pen with no problem. We would have to carry Madison in there. He is getting so heavy. This week he has finally decided it was a great thing. He would run in. It was wonderful not having to carry the big baby. Of course in the morning, as soon as I turn the light on, he starts crying for his mom. 

How was your week?

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