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Goodbye Monroe


Monroe left the farm this week to go to his forever home.  Nevaeh will be joining him in a couple of weeks. 

Napoleon and Nixon will also be leaving for their forever home in a couple of weeks. 

It is so hard to say goodbye to my babies I have seen them come into this world. But it is a comfort to know they will be taken well care of and loved

This was our harvest on Tuesday. Tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans, jalapeno peppers, cherry tomatoes and a big cabbage. The chickens love cabbage and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This tomato is Amana Orange. I weighed it and it weighed 1.6 pounds. 

I belongs to a couple of canning groups on facebook. They have raved about Cowboy Candy. It is jalapenos in a sweet syrup. Our friends have made it and said they prefer it to pickled  jalapenos. So on the recommendation of others I thought I would try it. I have to wait a couple of weeks before we can eat it.

 I canned 6 half pints of Cowboy candy and 8 pints of tomato juice

The bees absolutely love the allium. We tried several times to get picture of all the bees on it. The flower showed up but couldn't see all the bees, G took this close up and it only shows 1 bee. Trust me it is covered with bees. Hope they are making honey.

 This is the thing that happened on the farm this week that made us so happy. If you have seen our driveway you would know that it was very weedy with a bit of gravel showing through.

The driveway looks awesome and we are more than pleased.

 This is the card for the company that did the work. We highly recommend this company. The crew was very hard workers and very friendly. They did a fantastic job. 

How was your week?

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  • Wow, the driveway and the veggie harvest look awesome!!

    Sharon McClellan

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