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Oh what a week!!

Can I have a do over? 

 Sunday we picked  grapes. Lots of grapes

This is one of our bucks, Topgun. He is a spawn of the devil. Well not really but I sure thought so last Sunday. We finished the hoof trimming on the wethers Saturday and tackled the buck hoofs Sunday. All of the boys were WAY overdue. They hate hoof trimming and so do I. Sunday was hot. We did Rango and Hamilton with not too much problems other than sweating to death. Then we did the devil child. He had broken his collar so trying to catch him was the first problem. But we got him and locked him into the stanchion. I started the first back hoof and 3 times he kicked me in the back with his other leg. So now I am getting mad, sweaty and a hurting back. Then he slipped out of the head lock. The sliding door was open about 8 inches to get some kind of a breeze. He made a break for the door. (like he could get his fat butt through) Like an idiot I tried to block his way. He tackled me and I went flying. I landed on the track to the sliding door on my tailbone. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh, cry or kill a goat. G got him in a headlock and I finished trimming. I had to practically lay on the ground to finish the task. But they are all done. We have decided to hire hoof trimming out for the bucks. 
After washing and sorting the grapes, G helped me to juice them. We ended up with almost 2 gallons of grape juice. I refrigerated the juice and started jam on Monday. After making my third batch of jam I realized that I had done it wrong. The recipe called for 4 cups of juice and 7 cups of sugar. On three batches, for some reason I thought 4 cups equal 2 quarts. Then I ran out of sugar. Tuesday, I got more sugar and redid the 3 batches I screwed up. Then did another 3 batches the right way. I also juiced and canned tomatoes and made some yogurt in the instant pot
I ended up with 17 pints and 25 half pints of grape jam, 7 quarts of tomato juice and 8 containers of yogurt(4 blueberry and 4 honey coconut)
We have poison ivy soap ready to go into the shop. It is the same recipe I use for my other soaps except it has jewelweed infused olive oil. It is scented with Lemongrass essential oil.
How was your week?

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