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I was never a Boy Scout, but have come to appreciate their motto, "Be prepared." When the virus hit and people were out buying everything off the shelves, we had everything we needed. 

We started stocking our shelves about 10 years ago. We started by just buying 2 of what we ate. Slowly our one small shelf in the basement had a supply of canned soups, fruits, vegetables, tuna, pasta, etc.

Then I started canning. I started with just jams, pickles and applesauce. Then I ventured into the scary world of pressure canning. It was so easy after I got over the initial fear of blowing up the house. Then we got a freeze dryer. Things that could not be canned were freeze dried. 

Now we can, freeze dry, and freeze. Each has its own pros and cons but between all of them, we are prepared no matter what comes our way.

This week I made some freezer meals. Stuffed shells and beef stroganoff. Since Sonny and the kids moved out we were having to eat leftovers for days. I ordered some smaller (1-2 servings) Aluminum pans to freeze. 

I also canned bean soup, ham bone broth and hamburger in tomato juice. Meals ready in minutes. It is a lot of work but so worth it. We know exactly what is in our food. 

Are you prepared? Start small and build your pantry. Life throws us curves all the time. Being prepared helps to relieve some of the anxiety. 

How was your week?

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