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Another week of canning. I don't think there is an end. My poor kitchen is always a mess. No sooner does it get cleaned up then my sink is full again

.I made spaghetti sauce. 3 gallons of tomato juice/sauce in the roaster. Onions, garlic, peppers and spices cooked most of the day until it reduced to almost half.

I ended up with 7 quarts of sauce.

My grandson wanted to learn to can jalapenos. We picked a bunch from the garden. He wanted to make Cowboy Candy. He washed, sliced the jalapenos. Then he made the brine, filled the jars and put them in the steam canner

He got 7 half pints of Cowboy Candy. He wants to do pickled jalapenos next. I am so proud of him and I think he was pretty pleased with himself.

Our farmhands also wanted to learn to can. I decided to do chili beans

L fed the tomatoes into the vegetable strainer. M1 pushed it through. M2 filled the jars with kidney beans, spices and tomato juice,

We had 7 quarts of chili beans but one broke in the canner. The boys said they had fun.

 G put some lattice on the bottom of the canning/sugar shack. Hopes of keeping any critters from living under there.

After a lot of thought and input from some of our customers, we have come to the decision what direction we should go.  The prices of every one of our supplies have gone up. Some of them have doubled in price. The inflation of the cost of goods is too much for us to absorb. As much as we don't want to, we will be raising our prices October 1st.

Only a couple more weeks at the Farmer's Market. Stop by and say hello.

How was your week?

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