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G and Sonny bought a chicken plucker on an auction site. Just in case the homemade plucker doesn't work right. If it does pluck the feathers then we can run both of them. S made a kill cone from a bucket. We need to buy a couple more buckets then we are all set for butchering day. We are planning on butchering a week from this Sunday. I am not taking part in any of the butchering. I will cook and can the chicken but that's it. Anyone wanting to help butchering? Come on out.

I have been canning the last 2 weeks. I forgot to take some pics before putting last weeks canning away. I made some ham bone broth and made bean soup with it. I also canned lima beans, green beans, northern beans and tomato juice.

 Monday's harvest. Potatoes, jalapenos, tomatoes, green peppers, green beans and sweet potatoes that weren't ready

Also Monday's harvest. 16 cantaloupes and a watermelon. I cut 4 cantaloupes. Ate one, gave 12 away, froze some and going to freeze dry some. I cut the watermelon and it was sweet.  

 Wednesday harvest. Watermelon, green peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, lima beans and butter beans. I haven't cut into the watermelon yet.

Thursday I canned vegetable soup, tomato juice, green beans and cowboy candy. I don't think my kitchen will ever get cleaned good until canning season is over.

G and S has been cleaning, purging and organizing the workshop for weeks. 

They got it almost done. The trash men hate us I am sure.

First time trying out the new cream separator. A lot of trial and error but we finally figured it out.

Our next trial and error was making butter. We whipped the cream in my Kitchenaide mixer. It just stayed whip cream for a long time. I refrigerated it and tried again whipping this morning. It finally turned into butter. Put it into molds

Final result! It isn't perfect but it does taste good. Next time we will chill the bowl, whisk and cream before whipping. At the price of butter now, we will learn to make it

The bees have been gathering at the bird bath to get drinks. G put little rocks in so they don't drown.

How was your week?

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