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My tomatoe plants sure are ugly but they are producing like crazy

#6 granddaughter C made the tomato sauce. She loved using the Kitchenaide. She did an excellent job with no complaints. It was such a big help to me. She did 4 gallons of juice. Great job C!!

I ended up making 12 pints of ketchup and 5 pints of tomato sauce.

Cheesemaking Fail

I tried making some mozzarella cheese. It was a total failure. I couldn't get it to stretch.

My failure was the chickens gain. It took them about 2 minutes to devour the curds.

Farm visitors

 We had a visit from the Sunbury Housewives, Shell and MJ Wednesday. They tried to milk the goats. They tried some of the things I make with the goat milk. Milk, eggnog, chevre, feta, cheddar, ranch dip, ice cream, cajeta, caramels, and fudge that was a fail but used it as chocolate topping for the ice cream.


We trimmed the boys hoofs this week. This is an older video  I can't figure how to show it here. 

How was your week?



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