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Same Old Stuff

It was the same stuff as last week. Cleaning up the basement. Milking, feeding and watering the critters. Freezing and freeze drying milk, yogurt and chevre. I am so bored with it but it will be nice this winter when the girls dry up.

Here is a pile of craft stuff my daughter is taking. I got rid of all but my soap making and quilting stuff. 

 Every morning I am greeted with this. The babies get separated from their dams so I can milk in the morning. Soon as the gate is opened they run to momma to nurse except Luna. She has to look out the barn door before running to Bea. Although they are big enough to be weaned, they still get to drink from mom. Sort of silly looking to see them nurse They practically lay on their side to fit under mom.

Most of the big girls also are waiting at their gate. They are starving!! Even though they have hay at all times, they haven't had their grain for 12 hours.  

Our son and grandson came in for a few days from Florida. Cam is heading back to college tomorrow, 

Back to the basement for us. How was your week?

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