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We had to say more goodbyes this week. It is so hard to see the goats go, who I saw and sometimes helped each one of them come into this world. But it is a comfort to know they are going to homes where I know they will be taken well cared and much loved.

Tomorrow Nevaeh will be going to her forever home. She will be joining Monroe and 2 other goats 

 Napoleon, Nixon and Marilyn left the farm Wednesday to go to their forever home

 Marilyn enjoying the attention from her new family.

 We have been going out to the garden every 2 or 3 days. Wednesday we filled 5 of those red baskets. We are knee deep in tomatoes.

 I have been canning all week(and the weeks to come) I canned 29 quarts of tomato juice, 4 pints of taco meat, 5 pints of chili dog, and 9 half pints of pizza sauce. I have 2 big steamer pans filled with tomatoes to be done and today is the day to go back out to the garden.

Farm Hands

We have had some farm hands helping us around the farm. Their pay was a popsicle and some days a pack of freeze dried skittles. We decided to  give them a raise and have added a dollar each day. They are here early in the morning and tried to milk Callie. They are good kids and seem to like to help out. We enjoy having their company.

M1, M2 and L picking peppers and tomatoes. For every cherry tomato that went in the basket, 2 went into their mouths. 

 L feeding the chickens

 M2 gathering eggs. The chicken prefer laying under the ramp than their nesting boxes

L and M2 feeding the bucks 

Wethers turn

G after a hard days work.

We won't be at the Farmer's market this week but will be there next week. Hope to see you there.

How was your week? 



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