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Just another week on the farm

We have sold all the babies! The 3 boys left us last weekend. The 2 wethers, Kicker and Klondike went to live with a family with 2 young boys. It was so cute when they came to pick them up. The parents told them they were coming for chickens. The boys fell in love with the goats and the parents then told them that is what they came for. The boys were so surprised. Kasey went to a farm that has bought 2 of our other goats and she also bought 3 girls. The girls are staying here until the fence gets built at their new home. It is always so sad to see them leave and I will miss them.



Last week I talked about clabbered milk. I made more this week

Drained clabbered milk 

Here it is after I put it in the food processor. I use it for dips, sour cream and the chickens go nuts for it

Feta cheese

I made feta cheese this week for the first time. I don't think I have ever eaten it. It starts out with heating a gallon of milk to 86 degrees. Add the culture, let stand 1 hour. Add rennet and let stand 1 hour.


Cut curds into cubes. Let stand 10 minutes. Stir for 20 minutes

Drain curds in cheesecloth line colander

Hang to drain for 6 hours

Cut into slices and then cubes

Salt curds and let them age 5-7 days


Food Preservation

Canned green beans

Freeze dried corn

Freeze dried beets and rainbow carrots


I made 5 batches of soap this week. Some to replenish stock and 2 new scents, Hot Cocoa and Mulled Cider.

How was your week?


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