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 Trying to Purge 

We are trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff. We are starting with the basement (AKA the dungeon) It is the place things go when we don’t know what to do with it.  After it is cleaned up, this will be G's mancave

I am embarrassed to show pics but it is just being real.  We do have a problem getting rid of stuff. We might need it someday. Most of this stuff is craft junk.
We are moving these shelves to the other side of the basement. 

Another shelf will be put up against the drywall. Shelves will be L shaped. I never realized how many jars we had. And how heavy the jars are 


The girls have gotten so much better at milking. A few wait at the gate

Remember this gal we were going to rename Barby Q? Well she gets to keep her name Bea.





  • Thanks Dorothy.

    Barb Smith
  • Barb I thought Big Bear went out of business. But there it is it’s in your basement. Those jars look beautiful.

    Dorth Brown

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