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Garden is thriving

 The garden is doing so well this year. Especially the tomatoes and peppers. I have been freeze drying bell peppers at least twice a week. We have given so many away. You might know that they have produced so much since we don't eat very many. We only had 6 plants. Jalapenos are also producing an abundance. I tried to make poppers this week. I didn't care for them but G liked them alot. They needed more seasoning. I thought they were bland. Wednesday when we went out to the garden we got attacked by wasps. Both of us got multiple stings. They were right by the garden gate. G finally found nests on the garden shed. He got some Hot Shot and sprayed the nest on the shed, the ground by the gate and even up the tubes of the gate. Hope they go away. I don't want to get stung every time we go into the garden.

We have been going out every 2 or 3 days. This is the amount we get. I would say the red baskets are a half bushel. Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, fresno chili peppers, green beans, and broccoli. 

 Our little peach tree gave us 5 little peaches. They were small but my goodness they were so sweet and juicy. Maybe next year they will produce more.

 We spent several hours peeling garlic. We have about 3/4 gallon of garlic cloves. Not bad for volunteers. The big cloves will be saved and planted in the fall. All of the others were chopped and is in the freeze dryer now. My freeze dryer is really getting a workout of late.

I made some cheddar cheese. I only used a gallon of milk so it is about a pound of cheese. It is a long process, about 5 hours to make and 36 hours in the cheese press. Then a couple a month or two to age.

I hope it taste good. I've made it in the past and I liked colby cheese better. Time will tell.

I canned 9 quarts of tomato juice. I also had a little over half of another quart that I refrigerated. I use all of the tomatoes for juice. Paste, red, yellow, cherry, purple all get put in my Kitchen Aide vegetable strainer. The cherry and yellow help with the acidity. We just use the juice because G refuses to eat anything with tomato chunks.

I have a steamer pan with tomatoes that need to ripen a bit more. We have heirloom tomatoes. They have a tendency to crack on the vine. We pick them when they have a blush on them. They ripen in just a day or two.. Heirloom tomatoes are not pretty but are they good

We finally got all the boys hoofs trimmed, I only got pooped on twice and kicked 3 times. I have arthritis in my hand and my thumb is getting deformed. I am only able to trim 2 or three a day. We did it early in the morning right after our feedings. Even then it was so hot that both of us were dripping in sweat. Now on to the girls.
That's it for this week's exciting report. How was your week?


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  • What a wonderful time of year…enjoy the fruits of your harvesting! We have so far also…small amounts for just us…and only canned piccadilly relish from market bought green tomatoes…every thing else gets eaten…I rippened about 8 or 10 leftover tomatoes from the farmers’ market in a brown paper bag…turned four ripened into to salsa…made one pint…it will last til the weekend, we didn’t can it…eating it fresh

    Karen Lewis

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