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 We had a terrific week at the Sunbury Farmer's Market. It was regular market but it was during the Sunbury 4th of July Parade and Flea Market.


We harvested the garlic. This garlic was volunteer garlic. We didn't plant any last fall. A lot of small bulbs but a dozen or so of decent size garlic bulbs

We hung it up in the barn to dry. After it dries, I will save the big cloves to plant in the fall. All the other I will freeze dry.

Our little peach tree has 5 small peaches growing.


I spent most of the week making soap. I was able to make 10 batches. I ran out of some of my supplies. I had to order some of the oils and butters. Talk about sticker shock. The prices have gone up so much.  There was a price increase on every single thing I ordered but the worse was a 28 pound bucket of coconut oil has gone up from $48.80 to $83.68. 5 pounds of shea butter went up $8.00. I can absorb a few dollars inflation but not at this rate. I have to decide whether to raise prices (which I hate to do) or use up what I have on hand until the end of the year and close shop.

The chicks made the move to the big coop and chicken run. Can't really call them chicks anymore. They are the same size as the big girls. There is a bit of pecking going on until the pecking order is established. They pretty much all stay huddled together. It will just take a few days for them to be a part of the flock.

I started milking Callie. I don't milk her all the way out. I save some for the babies. This is a half gallon jar. This is 3 days of milking.  I did milk 4 days but Callie wanted to be a brat 1 day. .I milk each side in a 2 cup measuring cup then pour it into a bigger jar. On her bratty day, she kicked over the container on the first side and stuck her foot in the container on the second side.

G took the babies to the vet to be disbudded this week. This the one thing I want no part in. If I go with him, I sit in the truck with the windows up and the radio on. G does the dirty work.

 How was your week?


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