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Happy 4th of July!!!

We are once again empty nesters. We still have a few things of Sonny's to move but he got most of it. I do miss my farm hand but he is starting his new chapter of life. I am so happy for him. He deserves it.


 We got the dining room back in order. While the two bedrooms are empty, we are going to rip up the carpet and lay hardwood. That will be the end of all carpet in the house.

Most of the week was just routine stuff. I had some towels on a pile of bricks. I was going to wash them. When I lifted the first towel a huge snake was curled on the bricks!! Okay it was just a garter snake but it was still a snake. I am telling you this old lady can move fast when it is warranted. I ran in to get G but it had slithered away when he got out there.

We had a bad storm. The gutter was clogged and this is what I saw when I went into the barn in the morning. I shoveled, squeeged, and turned the fan on it dry it out. Poor goaties had no dry place to sleep. G unclopped the gutter and it has stayed dry  


This picture was taken on the barn cam. The babies have found a place to sleep in the hay rack tray. There was 2 on each side. I sure hope they outgrow this when they get big. 

Xena is shedding like crazy. I have been brushing her about every other day. I got twice this much this morning

G had to put new fence on the gates and a new latch on the boys gate that goes into the feed/ hay room. They were getting in and helping themselves. Never ending fence mending.

 How was your week?

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