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Canning season has begun!!

Canning season has started. Our cucumbers were going crazy. We picked enough that I canned 2 quarts before the cucumbers went bad. Then the cucumber vines started to die off. We didn't see any bugs so we have no idea why. they died. 

We went to a produce auction. I got 5 pecks of pickling cucumbers and 2 of candy onions. G cleaned out the girls barn while I canned.


Spent one day and canned 44 quarts of Kosher Dill pickles 

 I have been freeze drying every day. The 2 end trays are garlic and herb goat cheese. The middle tray is bell peppers and Fresnos Red Chili peppers

 Finished trays. The cheese was crunchy but very dry. I said it was like eating flavored packing peanuts but friends of ours liked them. They said it would be good on a salad. Might try that. Or reconstitute it for a marinade.

 Finished bell peppers and herb cheese

 Basil ready to go into the freeze dryer, I also did dill, parsley, oregano and thyme.

Broccoli, bell peppers, Fresnos red chili and jalapenos  ready to go to the freeze dryer 

 Picking the few weeds. Love the woven weed mat

 The garden is a jungle

Some in the bags are doing great. Others not so much The crimson Sweet watermelons are dying

 We keep tying up the tomatoes but they are going nuts  We have green tomatoes but only 1 ripe one that something ate half of it. Probably our hated squirrel

 Cabbage is growing nice

My mystery melon in a bag is a cantaloupe. I have 2 kind growing so I don't know which kind it is 

Our sunflowers are probably over 10 feet tall


 My other mystery melon growing in a pot on the patio. I'm pretty sure this is a Sugar Baby watermelon

We will once again be at the Sunbury Farmers Market Sat 9-12. We would love to have you stop by

How was your week?


  • Thanks Sharon

    Barb Smith
  • Your gardens are awesome!!!!

    Sharon McClellan

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