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Canning Season

Canning season has begun!!!


We dug out the steam canner and the pressure canner. I canned some kosher dill pickles and some chili. M1 and L canned a second batch of pickles. I have also been freeze drying. 


The chicks got moved to the outside chick run. They are happy and finding some bugs to munch on. They will stay here until it is time to process them.


The garden is going crazy. The melons and squash are overflowing into the aisles. It's getting really hard to walk through the garden. We pulled the peas and planted some more green beans. The tomatoes have a some green tomatoes and the cucumbers are doing wonderful this year. Pepper plants are starting to produce. We have a few small bell peppers but the jalapenos will need to be picked in the next couple of days. So far we are pleased with the garden this year.


This is the sugar baby watermelon bed. We have counted about 10 melons. I picked one but it wasn't ripe enough. I need to learn to be patient. The chickens enjoyed it. We have 4 kinds of watermelon and 4 kinds of cantaloupe. All of the melons beds are doing great.

The corn has tasseled and some ears on it. The squash and beans are doing good in these beds. The green beans and lima beans are growing very well, have some blossoms and are just starting to get some beans.

G and Sonny worked on cleaning and organizing the workshop half of the barn. There was barely an aisle to walk through. They moved things around, put some stuff in the storage container, gave our granddaughter a bunch of metal to scrap and the garbage man surely had to hate us. There is still a bunch to do but it's getting there. 

We finally got the patio cleaned. All the weeds, wood, pots and just plain junk was removed. It is a nice quiet relaxing place now and doesn't look like a bunch of rednecks live here. lol

Lord willing, we will be at the Sunbury Farmer's Market this Saturday 9-12. Come on out and stop to see us.

How was your week?

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