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Another day on the farm

 Nothing special happened on the farm this week. Pretty much the same stuff every day.

 We ended up with 8.5 pounds of garlic. I saved the big cloves to plant in the fall. I freeze dried 3 trays. The rest is going to the farmer's market. I will freeze dry what doesn't sell. Last year I dehydrated the garlic and the odor was so strong that we had to move the dehydrator outside. The freeze dryer put out no odor at all.

This was yesterdays harvest

We also went picking blackberries. This is what was left of the cobbler when I got my camera. We had homemade vanilla goat milk ice cream on top. Yum yum. There is still a ton of berries that haven't turned black yet.

It was so hot last week. I put blocks of ice in their water to keep it cool. Every single time Xena ran over and got it out. 

 And devoured it

For some unknown reason the fire pit is a favorite place to hang out

I infused some jewelweed in olive oil to make some soap for poison ivy. 

 That is pretty much it for this week. How was your week?

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