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 All of us here on the farm wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July. Wave the flag, put your hand over your heart and give thanks that we live in the best country on planet Earth.

 We now have 3 big compost piles. Last Sunday my sister, Pam, daughter, Mandi, granddaughter, Claire and grandson, Evan came out and helped me and G clean the boys barn.. Sonny had broken his collarbone in four places so he couldn't help clean but he grilled the meat, set up lunch and made sure everyone stayed hydrated. We didn't get it all done Sunday because it was so hot. G and I finished it in the early hours the next couple of days. It means so much to us to have these people help us with this back breaking chore.


 We had a group of kids visit the farm. Most of them have never been to a farm. At times it was loud and chaotic. They fed the goats peanuts and animal crackers. Held the babies, tried to milk Callie, visited the chickens and the garden. It made me realize how much we take for granted. One little girl told me this was the first time she has seen a chicken. I showed them a carton of eggs with all the different colors. One kid asked if the eggs were what we fed the chickens.  They asked so many questions. They wrote the sweetest letters. It was such a joy to us to see these kids have such a good time. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed their visit. 

 The hens have really been busy laying eggs. I will start freeze drying them this coming week. We have either feast or famine with the eggs.

 We have confirmed that we have 2 roosters

 So far they have not been aggressive. I love to hear them crowing. If they stay nice then they can remain here. Otherwise their names will be stew. The chicks are full grown now and will be moved to the big coop.

 We are so happy with the garden. A few things haven't done well but for the most part it has done great

 A few of the sunflowers. They are starting to grow heads

The weed mat is working out great. Some of the cabbage and cauliflower has had something chewing on it. The onions didn't do very well. Only 1 has survived. The bed with the sweet passion melon only had two seeds that germinated. We will put in some bush beans where the onions died. and the melons didn't grow

 Pickling cucumbers are thriving and climbing the trellis.

Most of this row is tomatoes. We have had to go out and tie them up to the trellis every few days. Some have some small tomatoes on it.. Jalapenos in the bottom right bed. 

Bottom is bush green beans Middle bags have pole green beans we planted this week. They are up about 3 inches. The back bag has our mystery melon. It has a whole bunch of blossoms.

Bottom bags are cantaloupe. Second row is red potatoes. next two rows are sweet potatoes. So far the feedbags are working great.

Back row is watermelon. They are staring to really vine. The front row is gold potatoes. Almost every day, we have to cover them. We have been alternating covering them with soil, straw, compost and grass clippings. On the right is the bed with red kidney beans. 

This is the Fresnos peppers. Just about ready to harvest 

Nevaeh, Nixon and Napoleon have made themselves just a part of the herd. Napoleon still sticks pretty close to Callie. Nevaeh and Nixon will go off and explore. Nixon has challenged a few of the bigger goats. He doesn't back down.  He is also a big humpamaniac lol

Napoleon,  Nevaeh, and  Nixon are growing. The are eating grain, hay and leaves. But they still love to nurse. They got their first vaccination this week. They have an appointment Monday to get disbudded.

We will be at the Sunbury Farmer's Market again this Saturday. This week it will be 8-2 on the square. There will be the 4th of July parade at 10. Stop by and say hello. We would love to see you.

How was your week?



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  • I taught farm life of the 1800’s in Alabama, years ago, we gave tours of the farm and the pond and nature walk. They were school tours, and many children had never seen a cow, a goat, geese…amazing…I agree with your post.

    Karen Lewis

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