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Hot Hot Hot!!!

It has been so hot and humid this week. We did not do much more than morning chores outside. I am so glad we did the barn last week. G got his tub in and the surround. 

 This is where the goats and Xena spend most of the day. Right in front of the big fan. Of course the big, hairy beast always is in the front. We made big blocks of ice to put in their water. Poor critters


I tried making bath bombs and shower steamers this week. This is how they turned out. Even with the air conditioning on, they would not dry, puffed up some then crumbled. I will either have to wait until the humidity is lower or when it cools off.

Good riddance roosters

The roosters are gone!! I was getting so stressed out about these 4 roosters. The chicks were big enough to go in with the big girls but I didn't want 4 roosters in there. One was starting to get aggressive with us. I worried and stressed what we were going to do with them. I haven't gotten country enough to be able to butcher anything I saw the face or held. I asked anyone if they wanted roosters. Even a lady at dollar general when I overheard her saying she was getting chickens. I prayed for a solution. About 4 days later, a family pulled in the driveway and asked if we had any chickens for sale!! I told him we had 4 roosters. He caught them and took all of them. G asked how he knew to stop and he said they were riding around and saw our egg sign and figured they might as well stop. Some may think it is silly but I call it an answered prayer. No matter how small you think something is, He always answers

How was your week?

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