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Since Kennedy left, Hailey's udder is filled up nice. all three girls are giving about 3 cups each morning. I started the them on the milk machine this week. It  hasn't been too bad. 

 I have been getting a little over a half gallon of milk every day. What do you do with so much milk? I have frozen some for soap and freeze dried some.

Then there is icream

I made vanilla with cajeta swirl.

I made 4 batches of soap. Pictured is my attempt at making Frosted Mountaintop. It is suppose to look like a mountain. I need more practice, I guess

2 new soap scents for the shop is Strawberry Patch and Vanilla Bean. I have had request for Sea Salt Goat Milk Soap and Shampoo Bars. I will be making these as soon as I get my mold I ordered. 

 If you have never tried fresh goat milk, it does not smell or taste anything like the goat milk you buy in the store. If milking practice is done correctly and the milk chilled quickly, I think the taste is just a bit sweeter than cows milk. 

How was your week?

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  • Barb, I look forward to the farm report every week.


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