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Excess Milk!!

The girls have really been giving me the milk. This is a one gallon jar. I get between 10-13 cups a day. I looked in the fridge and saw almost 4 gallons of milk. Here is some of the things I have done with it. 

Freeze and Freeze Dried

So far I have about 1 gallon of quart size bags and 8 gallons of milk ice cubes for soap making.

I think about 4 gallons of freeze dried milk.


I made garlic and herb chevre(goat cheese) and freeze dried it. I made some last week and coated pork chops and let them marinate. I put them in the instapot and pressure cooked them. G loved them. I freeze dried some plain chevre


 I've made 2 batches of yogurt this week. One is added blueberries and made frozen yogurt.

The other I left plain.


Goat Milk Velveeta

Here is the recipe. 

1 Gallon Whole Goat Milk
3 tsp. Citric Acid
3/4 tsp. Baking Soda
1 1/2 tsp. Pickling Salt
1 Tbs Butter
1. Dissolve the citric acid in half a cup or less of water.
2. Heat the milk up to 140 degrees.
3. Get your sanitized cheese cloth ready (actually, I use butter muslin, but everybody calls it cheesecloth.  An easy set up is to have a big bowl with a smaller colander set inside it, with the cheese cloth sitting in the colander.
4. Add the citric acid water to the heated milk and stir in gently (like you would for ricotta). You may need more or less citric acid depending on the milk. Once the curds separate, let it sit for a few minutes.
5. Using the cheese cloth setup, strain off the whey. Then transfer it to a thick bottomed pan.
6. Add the salt, butter and baking soda to the curds, and put the pan on the stove over medium heat.
7. Mix well, and continue to stir. You may notice the cheese start to rise/puff up a little. Keep stirring until the cheese is thoroughly melted. (It should be much like regular Velveeta when it is melted, only your cheese will be white, unless you use cheese annotto to color it.)
8. Pour the finished cheese into a greased plastic wrap lined container. Cover and put in fridge when cooled down.

Clabbered Milk

This pic is day 2. Another day or two and it will separate. Whey on the bottom and curds on top. Raw milk does not spoil. It sours. After it is done I will strain and make sour cream.

Barn Cleaning

The barn was way overdue for a cleaning. It has been so muddy to get the tractor to the compost pile. Then it has been HOT HOT HOT. We decided even with the heat we had to clean.

  We had the big pile just outside the barn we did in the spring. It is so wet. G tried to scoop it with the tractor. He got stuck twice. So we tried to shovel it. Oh my gosh! It was so slow going and so heavy. G finally figure out how to scoop some without burying the tractor. He then tried to smooth it out. It's not done yet but we are hoping it will dry out some more and he can get it smoother. Lesson learned. Never make a huge pile outside the barn door,


We also got two stall and the center cleaned out. It was 87 degrees and we were sweating buckets. We will work on it a bit each day as long as we don't get more torrential rain.

How was your week?

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