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 Good job Xena!!

Xena is 2 years old now. Even though she can be a royal pain in the rear, she has become the Livestock Guardian Dog she was bred to be. This week we heard the chickens causing a huge commotion and Xena was barking. G went out to see if there was anything wrong. He didn't see anything but a few feathers. No injured or dead chickens. All the chickens were accounted for. Yesterday Zena was carrying on like crazy and it was a different kind of barking. I went out to check. She was looking at the directions of the boys barn. I walked down toward that way and saw a fox sitting between the garden and boys yard!! It ran off into the woods behind the garden. We are going to fence in the backyard so Xena can patrol not only the girls yard but the boys and chickens also.


 The chicks finally found the outside roost in their yard. They will be moving to the hen house,



After several weeks of chasing, pushing, pulling, lifting and wrestling Hailey to get on the milk stand, she is jumping up there on her own now!! Sure makes milking so much easier. She still fidgets some while milking but we are getting there. The other two are great to milk.

Some of the wethers enjoying the nice weather. Colby, Jackson, Jordan and Jeorge. If you want goats as pets or brush cleaning, you can't beat the wethers. They are super friendly (almost to the point of being annoying) no hormonal goofiness that the bucks have, 




The garden is doing great and growing like crazy.

This is a picture of our garden my son took with his drone in early spring. 



Last week was the first time we did the Farmer's Market. We have nothing to compare it to but we are pleased with the sales. The freeze drier has been going 24/7 this week replacing sold out items and making some new things also.  

We will be at the Sunbury Farmer's Market this Saturday. 9-12. Come, stop by and see us. We have our soaps, freeze dried food, eggs and caramels for sale.

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How was your week?

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