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 A couple weeks ago I said I thought I heard an attempt at crowing. Well, we do have a rooster. I saw him crow again and noticed the feathers and tail were different. The tail and around the neck have blue feathers, Another one has the same colors but I haven't heard any crows. UGH

 Last Saturday night we had another storm. We both were awake about 2:00. Around 2:30 we saw a huge flash a crack and a pop. Our internet and phone went out. We still had power though. At daylight we went to see if there was any damage. The maple tree in the front yard had been hit by lightning. It is split right down the middle. Bark was blown clear up by the house. I hate the thought of losing this tree. It is one of our good maple sap trees. But more important is the memories of my kids jumping over it and having picnics with my granddaughter. I am so grateful it was the tree and not the house or one of the barns.

Lex about gave us a heart attack yesterday morning. We did our morning barn chores, Feed, water, hay and milking. Then we let the babies out of their stall to feed off mama. Three of them take bottles. Little Bit and Lefty drank theirs. But Lex didn't come for his. We went looking for him. Looked in all the stalls. Looked outside. Looked in the barn. Lex was missing!! Panic set in. We called and called for him. We have the old kitchen cabinets with straw stacked on top and around the cabinets. G moved the straw and pulled a cabinet out. There was Lex, all curled up and sound asleep.  Never a dull moment.

Bea is still being a brat trying to get her in the milking stall. She does great when you get her in. She better straighten up or we will change her name to Barby Q. Just kidding. G does have another name for her.

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How was your week?

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