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This what momma's tolerance looks like. Melody laying on Harmony. Just before I snapped the picture she was chewing on Harmony's horn. I sure didn't have that kind of tolerance.


 The babies discovered the slide this week. Marilyn, Melody and Mimi  I tried to put the video on here but Couldn't figure it out. 

Madison and Lefty were butting and jumping from one level to another. 

I did some freezer meals this week. Lasagna, manicotti, penne, mac and cheese and meatloaf. I need to slice and vacuum pack the meatloaf, My kitchen looke like a bomb went off.

It has been hot this week and our mud was drying up. We hoped to be able to get the tractor to the barn. It was not to be. It has rained the last few days and we are back to mud.

 How was your week?

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