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The Babies are Here!!!

Callie had triplets last Friday night. We heard her bleat on the barn cam about 8:30 P.M.. It wasn't a scream but was a different sound than normal. We ran out to the barn and the first kid was on the ground being cleaned. 

The second one came head first but had one leg bent back. I was able to pull her when Callie contracted. She popped right out then.

The third baby was in perfect position

Callie is such a wonderful mom. She drank almost a gallon of molasses water, we dipped the umbilical cords in iodine and saw each of them nurse. We were back in the house by 10:00.

The next morning we went out to check on mom and babies. Callie was acting off. Took her temp and it was normal. She wouldn;t drink anything or eat her hay or grain. She didn't even want peanuts or tums. We were getting really worried about her. She would only get up to nurse the kids. We had to go to Tractor Supply and get bigger syringes. We gave her some calcium gluconate, vitamin B complex and probios. We were going to repeat it the next morning but when we went out she had drank her water, was eating hay and wanting her grain. She was back to normal!!! We were so relieved.

This is Napoleon. He weighed 3 pounds.

Second born was Nevaeh. She weighed 4.4 pounds

And 3rd born is Nixon. He weighed 4.9 pounds

The chicks are loving the outside run. They are growing like weeds. A few more weeks and they will go in the big coop and run.

We have heard crowing coming from the chick's coop. We have a rooster or maybe two. We haven't been able to see which is crowing but we sure can hear it..Our suspicion is either the grey and brown one or the white and brown one. Or both.

We will be at the Sunbury Farmer's Market. Saturdays 9-12 on the Square. We would love to have you stop by and say hi.

How was your week?

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