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Happy Days on the Farm!

So much got done on the farm this week. We have happy critters and sore and tired farmers. We got the backyard fenced in. All we have to do yet is string the electric for the fence and put a gate on the tractor barn. G doesn't want to share his tractor with the goats or dog. LOL The chicks got moved to the big house. The chickens were allowed into their big yard. Happy hens

We put picket fence across the patio and farm fence around the rest of the yard.

After we turned them loose, the goat attacked the maple tree bark

Then they found a bush

They gave G thank yous for their new area

Xena giving G some love


Kennedy thought the chain to the gate was a good chew toy


Kim is wide eyed with wonder

Kloe giving a pose

Klondike checking things out

Our little house goat Kylie is so much better. Her hair is growing back. Shhh don't let the other kids know but she is G's favorite

Hailey and Harmony relaxing. Kourtney looking on

Lovin life!!

Xena on patrol



Knee high, Fourth of July? I don't think so


Harvested the garlic. We got some nice size garlic heads. I need to get it hung in the barn to dry out

This and that

I only made 2 batches of soap then ran out of shea butter. So that is it until my shipment comes. The freeze drier has been going 24/7. Did strawberries, apples, mangos, yellow squash, zucchini, cilantro and parsley. New things for the market this week.

I made some Chevre with garlic, dill, basil and chives

I also made cajeta. It is caramel sauce. It is so rich and creamy. I might cook it a bit longer next time so it will be a bit thicker.


We will be at the Sunbury Farmer's Market again this week. We also will be at the square on the 4th of July. Stop by and say hi.

How was your week?

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