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Mary Mary Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?

Not very well. We have neglected the garden. I just haven't had the energy or the interest this year, We just planted strawberries, few tomatoes, some peppers, gem corn and few luffas. I did get out and worked on a couple of beds

Most of the strawberry plants I planted made it

This is what most of the beds look like. I am ashamed to say

I haven't been completely lazy. I made soap, bath bombs, shower steamers, bath salts, lotion

We are almost positive we have 4 roosters, I love to hear them crow but don't want 4. If you want a rooster or 2 or 3 or 4 just let us know

Saying goodbye

Today we said goodbye to 4 of the babies. Lincoln, Little Bit, Libby and Lacey went to their forever home. I know they will be spoiled rotten. I am happy for them and their owners but always sad to see them go.

Come and see us at the Sunbury Farmers Market. We are there every Saturday 9-12

How was your week?


  • you are more than welcome. I know that you will love and spoil them. I hope they bring you much joy

    Barb Smith
  • Thank you Barb and George. We love Lincoln, LittleBit, Libby and Lacey. They are adjusting nicely and get along very well with Luke and Leia. We appreciate your support and guidence helping us prepare in becoming goat owners.

    Julie Gearheart

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