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Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads, grandpas, stepdads, uncles, brothers and anyone filling the paternal role in a child's life.


All of us at the farm want to wish G a very happy father's day! He has been the backbone to keeping the farm going. He has provided, protected and loved not only me but all of the critters here. He is a fantastic dad, a wonderful Papaw, and the best husband anyone could wish for. 


This week was all about hay. We were running low

We got a new hay rack. The ones we had hanging on the wall had big openings. There was a lot of wasted hay. Mimi tried to get some hay out of it and got stuck. Thankfully G was in the barn and got her out before she hung herself. This one has a tray so the babies stand in the tray and eat. There is still some waste but nothing like before.

 G, Sonny and Evan got a huge load. Good thing it was only down the road and he could drive slow.

 We ended up with 37 bales. Might last a little while

Monroe, Marilyn, Melody and Mimi was disbudded this week. That is one chore I want no part of. They scream when the vet is doing it but as soon as it is done they are off boucing and running

I have been getting 4-5 cups a day milking. The girls are getting better except Prim. She still needs caught and lifted on the stand. Big old cow is heavy

How was your week?

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