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All of us here on the farm want to wish all of you dads the best Father's Day ever.

We had beautiful weather this week. It was in the 70's and sunny. It could stay like this year round. I have posted some before and after pictures of projects this week.


Before picture of the chicken run. We turned the goats loose in there to earn their keep.

After 4 days of goat cleanup. You can even start to see the boys barn.

Before picture

After pic. A few more days and it will be all cleaned up. This used to be my garden years ago. The chickens like to take dust baths in what is left of the raised beds.

 Before picture of the area between the greenhouse and goat fence. Stack of wood that was rotting and covered in poison ivy. We took up 4 goats to clean it out but they didn't want to be in this small of a space. G and I had to do it ourselves.

 After picture. We got it cleaned out, planted some hostas and mulched it. G is wanting to put in a rain barrel under the gutter of the greenhouse. Of course Xena had to get her mug in at least one picture. 

Cleaned the chicken coop. This is where we store the grain and the back side of the nesting boxes. When they lay an egg it will roll down so we can get it from this side.

 Front of the nesting boxes.

Left side of their coop 

 Right side of the coop. Under the ramp where 2 chickens are in this picture is their favorite place to lay their eggs. I found 10 eggs in the back corner last night. I really wish they would use the nesting boxes. I hate going in to collect eggs at night if they are roosting on the rafters. G and I both have had them poop on our heads,


Callie and the babies have joined the herd during the day. They get locked in a separate stall at night. It always amazes me how quickly the babies are accepted as part of the herd. Probably next week I will start milking Callie in the mornings.

Xena got a good brushing. She loves to be brushed but likes one side better than the other. She usually will flop on her back. I could make a sweater with the fur I got off. She still has a lot of undercoat that needs brushed out. That is for another day.

We started cleaning the boys barn. We thought we would do the feed room first because the goats don't go in there. Thought it would be easy. Thought it would be quick. We thought wrong. We found out when the barn flooded it went into the feed room. But we got it done. We are going to move on to the bucks area next. There is only 2 bucks so it should be easy and quick. Right?

 How was your week?

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  • Your farm looks amazing!! The goats are great clean-up helpers and I am in awe at how much you get accomplished every week!


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