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Fox in the Hen House!

Well, not in the hen house. It did get in the chicken run and was chasing the girls. Luckily it didn't get any. G took a shot at it and it ran into the wooded area. He doesn't know if he got it or not. The girls are still locked up in the smaller covered chicken run. They are not happy. They just stand at the gate wanting out


We are fencing in the backyard so Xena can patrol the yard and guard the chickens and boys too.

We put in 65 posts.  G started out pounding the post while I placed them. Then we tried using the bucket on the tractor to pound them in. Easy Peasy!!! I would pound them in about 4 times and G would push them down with the bucket. It took about 2 hours to do 60 T post. G did have to use the post hole digger for the corner post. They are wood cemented in. Hoping the fencing will go as good as the post have.


We have done really well at the Farmer's Market. We have met so many nice people. Soaps, Freeze dried food, and caramels sold so good I have had to really work hard to replace some of it

This week I made 10 batches of soap. Some new scents, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry Patch, and Lavender Mint EO.  I also made my Goat Milk  Salted Caramels and new this week is Chocolate Caramels. The freeze drier has been going 24/7

Hope to see you at the Sunbury Farmer's Market Saturday. 9-5 on the square.

How was your week?

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