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All of us here on the farm want to wish a Happy Father's Day to all dads, stepdads, grandpas, uncles, brothers and single moms who also do dad duties.

Not a whole lot happening this week. Just pretty much the same stuff. 

G tried brushing Xena.  She does real good on one side but we go in circles trying to get her hind quarters. She wants to be face to face and if your face is towards the back of her she circles so she is in your face. He could have gotten a lot more off her but gave up. Almost could make another dog with the fur. 


Of course no job can be done without the help of our friends.  

All of the babies except for Luna has been reserved. She is a pretty gold blue eyed doeling. Let me know if you want Luna. $150 unregistered and $200 registration papers.

Today we are going to the vet. Lacey is getting disbudded and 5 of the boys are getting castrated. We aren't going to band this year because some of the boys are staying here for a while. Banding can take 10-14 days for the testicles to fall off. Don't want to chance any baby making. Lex gets to keep his but may be going to be with the big boys. Depends on how long he is here.

Come see us on the Sunbury Square Saturday Farmer's Market

How was your week?

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