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Busy week

We had a busy and productive week.

I used to have a garden in the chicken run. We had cement walkways. G and Sonny got them up and put them in the big mud pit  outside of the barn doors in hope that the tractor wouldn't sink. Did it work?


yes it did!!!

Of course we always have help

A foot of muck is finally gone!! 

My sister trash picked the picnic table and  play set for the goats. It was an instant hit. As soon as they go outside the babies make a beeline for it.

Even Harmony tried it out. She had some trouble getting her portly body out of it though.

 I started milking this week. The babies get locked up in the kidding pen until I'm done milking in the morning. As soon as we let them in they just about attack mom for breakfast. 

We got the milking stall cleaned out. Xena is back in her pen now. 

 G power washed the deck and sealed it.

His lawnmower was about ready to give up the ghost. His new JD was delivered

We are tired but feel like we accomplished .some of the things we have needed to do.

How was your week?

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