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Will it ever be done?

I think there is never an end of things that need done. We got the garden completely done. We still have a big to do list but nothing that has to be done right now like the garden. Some of the things on our list won't get done this year due to the outrageous price of lumber. A few things are ongoing like barn cleaning and hoof trimming.

So far the garden is doing great. Our trial of the feedbag gardening so far is mostly successful. The beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes and some of the melons have doing good. The carrots have not done anything. 

Peas in the background are climbing up the support. The middle bag has some kind of melon growing. The id marker was gone when I planted it. So it is either Sugar Baby watermelon, Crimson Sweet watermelon, Madhu Ras muskmelon or Sweet Passion cantaloupe. Guess we will find out one of these days. The green beans growing in feedbags are doing great.  

Tomatoes got t-posts and cattle panels for support. We have done tomato cages a few times. No matter how big the cage is, the weight of the tomato plants make them lean or fall over, We have used fencing before and like it so much better. And the cattle panels are so heavy duty.

We put some border blocks .on the front flower bed. I am to embarrassed to show a picture of the other side of the porch. It is on our to do list

The chicken run was overgrown with weeds. So many twigs and branches had fallen. G was leery of using the mower.

We used our energy efficient weed whackers. They are happy goats and we save on hay. Win win

They have gone in there for about an hour twice. Another few days and we will be able to see the whole yard and get it cleaned up.

 We had our first Farmer's Market since 2019 last Saturday. We did pretty good. Saw some of our regular customers and a couple of our followers stopped by. Still a few kinks to work out.  Come by and say hello.

How was your week?


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