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Another Busy Week

We have had another busy week. There is just not enough time or energy to get done everything we want to do. We have been working 5-6 hours a day between rain trying to get the garden, flowerbeds and patio in order. It's getting there but it is so frustrating how quick our back and knees give out. 

Sonny spent the weekend with us and helped us get some things done. G and S got 50 bags of mulch. They put the stones in the flowerbed. G worked on the west side flowerbed. we had a lilac bush that had died so G was trying to remove the stump. I never knew that a lilac had such a big trunk. It was at least 12" diameter. G, Tom, M1, M2, and L worked for a couple of hours trying to cut, dig and remove the stump. They were successful. It is so appreciated the help our son and neighbors give us. It means so much.

 He planted bee balm in the side bed, The stone caps need to be put on then it is done

 The facet handle broke off a year ago. G has been using vice grips for a handle. It was leaking like crazy. S replaced the front faucet. It works great now.

I worked on the flowerbeds and patio on the east side of the house. Cleaning up the old flower pots, laying mulch and pulling weeds.

I had ordered this gazebo for the patio on Amazon. We started to put it together and had to stop when we got to the bottom section of the legs. It was suppose to have 4 A sections and 4 B sections to make up the legs. The box had 8 A sections. No way did they fit together. We are hoping they send replacement or we need to figure out how to make it work. Right now it is useless. I need to finish weeding the patio


We are extending our garden. The space between the tractor shed and garden was a pain for G to mow so we decided to make it another area for the garden. Today G is putting fence on both ends to keep dog, goats and rabbits out. We have a couple of raised beds and will be moving some of the grow bags in this area.

I picked a half gallon of strawberries and made strawberry shortcake. What is better than fresh strawberries from the garden? Our strawberry plants are everbearers so we will be enjoying them all summer long. Our farmhands REALLY enjoy them

Prepare for the worst but hope for the best


We all have seen the gas prices rise almost daily. The groceries keep going up, supply shortages, chain supply problems and the paycheck does not go as far as it did. I am no fortune teller but I just have a gut feeling things are going to get worse. I hope I am wrong. But even if nothing really bad comes our way, it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. I am imploring that you to start (if you haven't already) stocking extra food. We have been warned that there’s going to be food shortages.

Buy things you already eat but buy 2. One for the cupboard and save 1 for the shelf. It will add up pretty quick. Buy on sale. 

Have a garden. Even a small garden. It is a learning skill also. It's better to have a failed crop now and learn than when you really depend on your garden to eat.

Learn to cook from scratch. I know it sounds silly but there are a lot of people that don't know how to cook from scratch. We have a bunch of boxed and frozen meals for convenience but I do know how to cook from scratch. learn to bake bread. It is really easier than you think.

Learn to preserve food. Canning and dehydrating

We are doing something this year I thought we would never ever do. I ordered meat chickens. We have had laying chickens for 11 years but have never been able to even think about butchering. They live in retirement after they are done laying. But the price and the scarcity of chicken, has brought us to this adventure. 

None of us have a clue what is coming but now is the time to try to get prepared. Would you be able to survive if there should be another Great Depression? I don't know if we would but we are going to give it our best shot.

How was your week?

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