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First Harvest of the year!!



We got the garden all planted finally!! Just need to put up support stakes for the rows of tomatoes. We are trying several new things this year. I got a couple handfuls of strawberries. Nothing better than fresh from the garden goodies. We use no chemicals or pesticides. Just good old fashion compost made right here on the farm with our goat and chickens.




The babies are growing like weeds. The boys will be castrated in a couple weeks unless somebody want to buy them as a buck. We really need to thin the herd. Almost all of the goats are for sale. Discounts are given for multiple purchases and 4H. 

Kylie is still in the house and is doing so much better. She looks so hideous right now because the scabs and hair is falling off. Next week we may move her back to the barn in the side stall. She will be able to see and hear the other goats but will still be isolated from them. She isn't contagious anymore but we want to make sure.

I put in a bigger box with straw for her to lay in but she prefers the shoebox of hay


It has been hot and humid. This picture is from the barn cam. The fan is just outside of the gate. This is where they spend a good part of the day. 

They do go outside also.

I am getting a quart of milk every day so I made some Goat Milk Salted Caramels this week. They are so good.



The chicks are almost big enough to join the big girls.

I took a watermelon rind out to the chicks. At first they were afraid of it and circled around it for hours. Then they discovered they should eat it.

 Watermelon is the favorite treat for the chickens. I didn't get a picture of them eating theirs. Usually they eat it all but a paper thin green outside. This time they completely devoured the whole thing.

We have been getting at least a dozen eggs a day now. I have freeze dried about 15 dozen. We get some weird looking eggs!! But Oh they are so good with the orange yolks. I don't eat any eggs but the fresh farm eggs now.


We will be at the Sunbury Farmer's Market this Saturday. 9-12. Come, stop by and see us. We have our soaps, freeze dried food and caramels for sale.

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How was your week?


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