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Country Livin

I can't tell you how much I love country living. It is so quiet  and peaceful. Some like the city or neighborhoods but I will take the country any day of the week. I would rather hear the birds, tree frogs, crickets and the sounds of moos, clucks, and bleats over sirens, honking and traffic. 

We went out to the garden one day this week to find the chickens in the back yard. I had not shut the gate to the chicken run all the way. They were in heaven. Do you know how hard it is to herd chickens We got all but 2 back pretty easy. 2 rogue chickens made 2 old folks look like fools chasing their fluffy butts. We were surprised the goats didn't go into the chicken run. There are lots of yummy untouched trees there. And we were really impressed with Xena. She has never been with the chickens unsupervised. She didn't even pay any attention to them.

Here are some of our visitors this week.

A deer easily jumped the fence in the backyard. It was checking out the garden.

I have a tote hanging on a hook in the garage with our goats hats and headbands. A wren decided this was a good place to build a nest. G tried to get a picture. He shined a flashlight in the tote and the wren flew out into his face. Scared the crap out of him. lol  He finally got one.

There are 4 eggs in the nest


Our oriole was back again.

G bought this oriole feeder. It holds an orange and 2 cups with grape jelly. The oriole hasn't been back to enjoy his new feeder.

The hummingbirds are back .They have already fought over it.

G had a couple of rough days and we had a couple of rainy days, so we didn't get done as much as we hoped. We did get most of the woven weed mat down. I ran out of the staples and weed mat so we had to get some more. Sure hope this keeps the majority of the weeds out. Next will be weeding the raised beds. Then we can put in the plants.


We are going to try to grow some things in feedbags. Our plans for this is potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe and watermelon.  


 Bamboo and Xena are best buds. They are always together.

How was your week?


  • Growing in the feedbags is an experiment. Hope it works. We have a ton of feedbags throughout the year

    Barb Smith
  • Love the report – can’t wait to see how the feedbag veggies turn out.


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