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 Chickens, goats and garden

We had such beautiful weather this week. Maybe spring is finally here


We moved the chicks to their outside run. This is pretty much predator proof. It is surrounded and covered with fencing to keep out the hawks. 

They are feathered out but still smaller than the hens. They will stay in this run until they are the same size as the girls. The chicks and chickens can see each other but the big girls can't pick on them.


This is the chicken run. As much as I would like them to be able to free range, we have neighbor dogs that run. So their area is as big as some backyards and they find lots of bugs and goodies.


The hens have been very productive. We are averaging a dozen eggs a day. I have freeze dried 12 dozen eggs this week. I WILL NOT buy eggs next winter. In the pic is also freeze dried blueberry cheesecake.


We got the garden cleaned out. All we need to do is pick up the tomato cages.

Blueberries made it through the winter. One strawberry row made it but the other strawberry row only one plant survived.

We used about half of the compost pile from last year. Still need to top off a few of the beds.

Garlic is doing great and on the left is oregano that came back and a few dill plants.



6 of the babies went to the vet and got disbudded last week. G has to do that. I will do about everything else but not that. The quads will go next week to have it done. I do like them better without the horns. It is safer for humans and goats alike. 

Here are some pics of the goats just because,

Jordan and Jeorge

Prim's quads, Koko, Kicker, Klondike and Kasey



Kloe,Kendall, Kourtney and Kylie enjoying the sun in the pool


Their other favorite place is a cut 55 gallon drum that was suppose to hold hay

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