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I started milking this week. We separate the babies at night. It is like herding cats trying to get them in the front stall. 

This is Hailey's pretty udder just before milking. Hailey and Callie are veteran milkers. I don't have too much trouble with them. Every once in a while they will act up a bit but the majority of the time they are a breeze to milk.

Then we have Harmony who is a first freshener. Everything is new to her. And Bea who hasn't milked since she last kidded 4 years ago.  They have been nightmares. It takes both G and I to get them up on the milk stand. Once up they aren't too bad to milk. The first day after finally getting Harmony on the stand she decided to lay down. We got a log under her but she just went totally limp over the log. G held up her back end so I could milk. She has quit doing that. When G went to work Monday I had to do it by myself. Callie and Hailey were a breeze. Bur Bea and Harmony refused to even go into the milking stall. I tried pushing, pulling and even carrying. Nope. If a goat doesn't want to move, she doesn't move, I finally tied them to a post and milked on the ground. G said he was watching me on the barn cam and said I only cussed once! So on the days he works I milk the 2 brats after he gets home.

Who needs a gym membership when you have goats.

I'm getting about 1/2 gallon each day. I don't milk completely out so the babies can have some

The hummingbirds are back!!  Robins have made nests in the gutters of the boys barn and the chicken coop. G was going to clean the gutters and found little blue eggs in the nests. Oh well the gutters will still be there after the eggs hatch and babies fly away.

It is raining again. We are so behind on the yard and garden. We really need for the rain to stop!! 

How was your week?


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