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Summer made an appearance

We have had several days with no rain. Our mud has turned into more of soft clay pits. We even had a few days in the upper 80's with high humidity. And yes I did whine and complain how hot it was. This weekend is suppose to be in the 70's. That is the perfect weather.


Bamboo and a couple of girls went into the baby chicken run that is overgrown and enjoyed some weeds and trees.

 We worked in the garden and cleaned out a few more beds. G made the garden smaller and put in a gate big enough so we can get the tractor in.

 Babies went outside. They were running and jumping all over the place. I could spend hours watching them play. G was sitting on the patio watching them in the yard when little Melody come wandering across the patio. She had found a small hole to escape the yard. He patched it. Our fences are so full of zip ties.

 Babies love this tree. They will run and chase each other around the tree until they get tired. Then they curl up in the roots and nap. Madison acts like he is scared of the babies. He prefers to hang out with the big goats.

 We went hunting the babies when they went missing. They discovered the igloo. Monroe, Marilyn, Mimi and Melody crashed in the igloo for hours. Their mommas were not happy

How was your week?

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