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Will It Ever End?

Is there ever a time there won't be weeds? I'm beginning to think not. We worked this week on the patio and flower beds, I started cleaning out and weeding a section between the greenhouse and goats fence. I grabbed a handful of weeds and threw it over the fence to the goats when I realized there was poison ivy in it. I now have poison ivy covered arms. I am going to get the plastic and anything else the goats can't have out of there and put a couple of goats in to finish the job.

After endless weeding, we laid the woven weed mat down in the flower beds

Planted the flowers G got at the auction. The antique cultivator by the greenhouse belonged to G's grandfather.

This side has planters.

Mulched and it is done

 Front flower beds have perennials in them. 

We put this cute fountain in the back of the greenhouse

Our wren nest in the tote hanging in the garage has 5 hungry baby wrens  

We covered all the little fruit trees with netting in case the cicadas make their way here. We haven't seen or heard any yet.

G and I have been taking turns sleeping on the couch listening to the barn cam. Callie has not released the hostages yet. Maybe today? We really need our sleep

How was your week?




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