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Busy Couple of Weeks

I know I haven't done a Friday Farm Report for a couple of weeks. It has been busy but it was just the same stuff we have been doing.

Our oriole made it back

Our biggest news is we have a new addition to the farm. Last Friday Mimi went into labor. Being a first freshener we didn't know what to expect. It was the strangest labor we have had here. She didn't have any discharge, didn't separate from the herd, didn't "talk" to her baby. We locked her up in the stall and kept watch. She started nesting and we could see some mild contractions. This went on for an hour or so. We thought it was early labor. G went to get us some McDonalds. Just after he left her water broke! She gave a few hard pushes and the nose and 1 foot appeared. Another push and the second foot came out. One more hard push and the baby was out. She only screamed one time. It was the easiest birth we have experienced. G missed the big event.


Introducing Patton. He weighed 4.7 pounds. It took him only about 10 minutes to get his footing and trying to nurse. Within one hour he was walking around and nursing. We kept them in the stall for 2 days so they could bond. On the third day we let them out to be with the rest of the herd. Let me tell you that this little boy is the most independent thing. As soon as they got to the yard, Patton ran ahead of Mimi right dab in the middle of the herd. He got butted a few times but that didn't stop him. He has about given us heart attack a couple of times. We couldn't find the little stinker. First time was only a few minutes we couldn't find him. He was sleeping under the rain barrel. The second time we searched for probably a half hour. We looked in the wooded area , front yard and even down by the road. Finally found him curled up sound asleep behind the fenced off air conditioner. He has a personality plus. The other doe we thought was pregnant, isn't. Her udder never filled so we suspected last week she didn't settle. Her due date has come and gone. So we have just 1 kid this year but that's ok. 

We had new windows put in. They will be so much better than the old ones. Hopefully it will cut the cost of electricity. 


Amelia had a lot of trouble healing after her tail was amputated. She had to go back and have surgery again. It is healing pretty good now. She has to go Tuesday to have the stitches removed. I just hope she doesn't bite at it after the cone is taken off. Poor cat has had this cone on for over a month now.


We can see a light at the end of the tunnel for the garden. Thank you to Sonny, Tom, M1, M2, and L for your help. The garden beds have been replaced except for 2 strawberry beds. The strawberry beds needed replaced the most BUT the plants are doing great and I have strawberries starting to ripen. Those nasty bed will just have to do until the fall. I will be taking the runners and planting them in a new bed.

 Bed of Hannah's Choice cantaloupe. I have 4 kinds of cantaloupe and 4 kinds of watermelon

garlic and peppers in grow bags 

Brussels sprouts, asparagus, onions, cabbage, carrots, spinach, kale, peas and potatoes in grow bags. We will move them where we want them after the garden is cleaned up


After weeks of shoveling dirt from one bed to the next, Our kaleidoscope garden is just about done. We just have to finish the planting (5 beds and some more grow bags) and do some clean up. Then this garden will be done and we can move on to the next one. I will try to do a garden tour video when we are all done, if we ever get done.


I have some extra tomato plants for sale if anyone is interested. Heirloom tomatoes for $1.00

We are back at the Sunbury Farmer's Market. It runs every Saturday from 9-12. Stop by and say hi. We would love to see you.

How was your week?

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